This is Gecko5.

Gecko Five is dedicated to unleash the power of compelling storytelling and technology to build premier media destinations for loyal passionate consumers and fans of global sports in Africa.

01 - Who We Are

A modern sports media company committed to moving African fans from passion/interest to understanding and participation. We are based in Lagos.

Our ambition is to become the fastest-growing modern sports media brand in Africa.
Everyday we work incredibly hard to create the largest reach and engagement of millennials and Gen Z audiences across Africa.
It’s a journey we take great pride in, because we are highly motivated to heed Africa’s call for representation and participation in sports content consumption, conversations, and distribution.

We want to help Africa find meaning from sports entertainment. When we succeed, there is more laughter, more empathy, more passion, more equality and more joy.

02 - What We Do
a. Editorial.

Our expertise and curiosity have brought the best stories, analysed complex facts into simple opinions and delivered immersive moments for a passionate audience.

b. Audio.

Our podcast network: The Ball Gecko podcast network is the biggest sports-focused network in Africa. We have a strong bias for extensive audio programming, delivering immersive storytelling experiences to an evolving audience.

c. Video.

Visual narratives strongly nuanced for Africa. An array of shows delighting different audience segments and delivered in a consistent pipeline to inform, drive participation and excite.

d. Platforms.

Driving engagement and fostering a melting-pot for conversations, we are imagining and deploying next-gen media platforms that captures the pulse of a well-informed fan-base.

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