You can help us in determining Africa's place in the world.

Entertainment is a fundamental human need; one capable of influencing how we feel and giving us common ground. We want to help Africa find meaning from sports entertainment. At Gecko5 our ambition is to be as adaptive as the Gecko, with our reach and coverage mimicking the ubiquity of the gecko. We are active seekers of opportunities in the dark, giving us first mover advantage and depend on a rare breed of creative ability to bring these opportunities to life.

Current Openings

Gecko Five Fellowship Programme

Gecko Five’s ambition is to become the fastest-growing modern sports media brand in Africa.
To achieve this, we must remain committed to promoting emerging voices to a bigger audience, and growing the next generation of talent.
Our one-year fellowship program is designed to train and fast-track promising creative talent without prior experience in media, developing their skills and careers.

The program is intended for people early in their careers, or who are interested in transitioning into media. We would provide extensive training and immersive sessions featuring leaders across Gecko Five, and other professional development.

New membership are not allowed.

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